Internship DigiShapeTU Delft and Digishape are looking for enthusiastic students for the MSc internship “Understanding novel features, similarity, and connectivity in large coastal and marine datasets”. 

The internship is the first of its kind that is initiated by the DigiShape community and the students will be working closely with several partners. “Perhaps they will even rotate residence over a few partners, and thus gain insight in a wide portfolio of perspectives, solutions and approaches,” explains Dr. José A. A. Antolínez from the Hydraulic Engineering department at TU Delft.

The goal of the internship is to incorporate existing and tailormade statistical and machine learning tools that aid in the identification of features, similarity, and connectivity, within available measured data in the North Sea. Antolínez: “In general, this MSc thesis will help to lay down foundations of future Hydraulic Engineering, where data science coexists and assists engineering for soft and resilient solutions, making a big societal impact. We have many, many datasets available to work with, for example socio-economic factors, ecological features, shipping traffic, sediments and many more. So eventually it will mainly be up to the students themselves in which direction we are going to take this.”

For now, the internship is starting with one student as a pilot. Taking into account the size of our datasets, the number of students taking part in this internship is expected to expand soon. “We are looking for enthusiastic students who like to be challenged, with a clear interest in big data, machine learning, coastal dynamics, ecology, and preferably with some experience in Python,” concludes José A. A. Antolínez.

Do you think you have what it takes to make your way in theories like dimensionality reduction, pattern recognition, causal discovery, and complex networks, in coastal and marine engineering? Please contact José A. A. Antolínez through Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. and we hope to welcome you into the DigiShape community soon!

Zeewering West-Kapelle

Met de DigiShape use case Markermeer-IJmeer willen we door het combineren van data en het gebruiken van innovatieve data science en bewerkingstechnieken een completer beeld krijgen van het doorzicht in het Markermeer en IJmeer.

Marcel Kotte, Rijkswaterstaat

Project Markermeer-IJmeer